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PYD is a game very similar in mechanics to games like clash of clans, but it puts a first person spin on it that makes it feel much more like the perfect blend between rainbow six siege and clash of clans. In this game, you will strategically design your 3D base, and access other players' bases to try to defeat them. The level editor allows you to move around in 3D space and build your defensive base, and uploads it to an online database so that other players can play against your map and try to defeat it. On the offensive side, you are thrown into a random map every time you choose to attack, and have to figure out how to take it down with no prior knowledge of its layout. There is now a leader board, ranking each player's wins and losses, so you can compete against other players to win the most and sustain the least losses, on both the offensive and defensive side. Obviously the features and graphics are a bit lacking given the incredibly alpha state of it, but I hope you all enjoy the game for its core mechanics, and given enough support, this just might be as graphically appealing as any other game.

Instructions are detailed inside the game, but if you need more assistance to learn how to play, I have made a video tutorial shown below. (the video tutorial is slightly outdated, but the main concepts you need to know are still the same)


more detailed 4 minute version:

Update Notes

version 3 (5/28/17)

- A test map button has been added to the level editor to allow the testing of one's own map.  Now you can make sure that your map is both playable and difficult, and also hone your own skills.


pyd-alpha.zip 14 MB
Version 3 May 28, 2017

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