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PYD is a game very similar in mechanics to games like clash of clans, but it puts a first person spin on it that makes it feel much more like the perfect blend between rainbow six siege and clash of clans. In this game, you will strategically design your 3D base, and access other players' bases to try to defeat them. At the moment, I do not have any way to store your map data and share it with others inside the game, so you will have to post your map data in a subreddit I made, and get other player's bases from there as well. I made this process very simple, though, by allowing you to copy and past a string of numbers into the game, so no downloads are required for playing on different maps. Obviously the features and graphics are a bit lacking given the incredibly alpha state of it, but I hope you all enjoy the game for its core mechanics, and given enough support, this just might be as graphically appealing as any other game.

Post your maps and discover other play against other user's maps using this subreddit:


Instructions (this is outlined in the tutorial videos):

In the menu screens, shoot the corresponding turret to load that level.

In the level editor, click on any of the floor squares to place an object or any wall spaces to place a turret.

Scroll up or down to change the object or turret you want to place.

Click the object or turret a second time to finalize it's placement.

Right click a finalized object to delete it.

Every map has to have a cake object, and the cake object must be accessible to the player.

Only 3 turrets are currently allowed.

Press the "u" button to convert your map into a string of numbers, which will appear in the text box.

Press the "P" button to reveal the cursor.

Click on the text box with the cursor to highlight it's contents, then press control c to copy it.

Click the "button" with your cursor to return to the main menu.

In the attack loader level, there is a text box on the wall for which you will need to reveal your cursor, click on it, press control v to paste your map data, press enter, press "P" to hide the cursor again, and then shoot the attack turret to play on the map.

In the attack level there will be doors you need to open by looking at them and pressing the "e" button.

Now shoot the turrets, don't get shot, and destroy the cake to win.


more detailed 4 minute version:

less detailed 2 minute version:

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Published31 days ago
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Multiplayer, Shooter, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


PYD super alpha build 1.zip (13 MB)

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